Premiere: Alien D – Heavy Cream

5 Minute Read

The first EP on a newly launched record label sounds very promising.

It were as if he were swimming in some sort of thick soup, the air was exhaustive to breathe and engulfed the senses in a dense weighty fog. It was like moving through heavy cream, weighed down by the very thing which kept him afloat.

He wondered how obvious it was to those all around him, did they notice as he weaved slowly between passers by as if in some sort of dream like haze. Did they notice as he tiptoed between the glow of flickering streetlights as the sounds and sirens of the city all around him swallowed it all up like some sort of pointed shark.

Who knew where his mind was? For he did not…


Kulture Galerie kickstart a new venture with the first release on the new label coming on strong and featuring a heavyweight cast of producers. Abdul Raeva, Gene Tellem and Nesa Azadikhah all feature on the first record on the imprint which is run by Metropolitan Soul Museum.

However, it is the Alien D track which we showcase today, music from a producer who we reckon is one to watch at the moment…

Listen below: