Premiere: Eamon Harkin – Old Sage

5 Minute Read

Rugged House music from one of New York’s most influential DJ’s.

The room was filled with a thick fog, the windows steamy and blurry with mist. The scent of old sage lingered in the air and in the corner of the room was a small red light which flickered and flashed invitingly as if to tease you inwards.

He’d heard about this place before, it had been shrouded in mystery and intrigue yet never had he imagined it might look as exotic and ludicrous in person.

It was here in which the wildest of fantasies could be obliged, in which dreams could come true and status certified. Perhaps that’s why it had been kept so secret, for once entering the room, there was no going back.


Eamon Harkin remains one of the most pivotal figures in the NYC house and electronic music scenes – perhaps best known for his longstanding label and party Mister Saturday Night of which he is the co founder.

This new EP for Sorry Records see’s him focus on the rough, rugged undercurrent of house music in the city – drawing upon lo-fi influences and integrating deep moving basslines alongside an acid tinged flare. This one comes highly recommended..