Premiere: Debba – Triads

5 Minute Read

Debba features on a new compilation from rising label Eclipse Tribez.

They gathered at night beneath the cloak of darkness – they nestled themselves amongst a network of tunnels and lurked beneath bridges. For they were the triads, the rogue ones in a city so neat and polished.

Soon they would venture out into the suburbs to cause mischief and reap the rewards of their magnificent criminal empire. They were the real kings of this town – not those in the ivory tower blocks and the skyscrapers which illuminated the fog hanging thick above in the distance.

This was another world entirely..


Eclipse Tribez ready a new compilation of club driven heat, spotlighting an array of talented up and coming producers. This Debba track is sun kissed and rhythmic, ready for the festival circuit and destined for those perkier, melodic sets with a percussive twist.

Listen below: