Premiere: Headman – No Surprises (Zillas On Acid Remix)


The first single from Relish Recordings boss Robi Insinna’s new LP, under his Headman moniker.

Spontaneity unsettled her, she liked to know what her day had in store for her; her entire life come to think of it. She’d tried her hand at new experiences; leaving everything at the drop of a hat and taking off somewhere distant; donning a fresh haircut; trialling a different vocation or hobby – it didn’t suit her though. Her preference was to have things mapped out for, that way there’d be no surprises.


For over two decades Robi Insinna has been releasing music and helming Relish Recordings, his label indebted to off kilter post-punk, new wave and disco. Under his name, and his moniker Headman, he’s crafted his own take on these sounds, largely underpinned by trademark bass lines and an analog rawness. These traits are all there on his new single, ‘No Surprises’, which is the first to be taken off his new LP. There’s a nod to the sounds of 80’s NYC through its machine funk aesthetic and raw synthesis, while on the flip there’s a remix from Making Time and Optimo affiliates Zillas On Acid who steer the track down a dark chugging path.