Premiere: Inner Science – Momentary Spread (map.ache Remix)

5 Minute Read
Cosmo Tracks_Jacket_for check
Written by Alasdair King

Dreamy fast paced house music from Inner Science reimagined by map.ache.

The clouds began to part, for a brief period there was a radiant blue sky which beamed down upon them all as they gathered upon the hill. This momentary spread was all it would take to set the spirits alight for it reminded them that they were not alone. It reminded them that there was life beyond the fog and that millions of miles away up there was new hopes and dreams.

He watched as thousands of others all gazed upwards towards the glowing light, they were the same as him. Hoping and longing that one day there might not be any clouds and that this would be it…

This would be it…


map.ache is one of our favourite producers over here at Ransom Note. An artist with a masterful talent for creating dreamy visions and beautiful soundscapes. Here he is invited to remix Inner Sciences for French record label Cosmocities in what is an expansive release.