Premiere: Headman – Live120 (Richard Sen Remix)


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headman richard sen remix

Retro futurism from Richard Sen’s rework of Headman’s recent album track…

In the valleys of the land far and wide,
Where the moonbeams dance and the stars collide,
There lived a Headman, so spry and alive,
With a song in his heart, a jive to thrive.

He danced to the tune of “Live 120,”
A remix by Sen, oh so plenty!
With beats that fizzed and rhythms so fine,
He’d whirl and twirl like aged wine.


Through valleys of laughter, he’d skip and prance,
With each step, a wild, merry dance.
For in this realm of nonsense and glee,
Headman ruled with joy and gaiety.


SomeVersion/Live120RMX” is the final single from Headman’s “DeTurning” album. Robi has reversioned “SomeVersion” with late 80s inflections whilst Sen’s reworking of “Live120” melds retro futurism. Spot the break!

 Listen below: