Premiere: Hassan Abou Alam – Ice

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Roni’s Nehza Records welcome the Egyptian producer to the label for a solo EP.

He didn’t give much away, his mouth said one thing and his eyes another. She couldn’t work out if this was just in his character or if he just had no interest in communicating with her; either way it intrigued her to no end, she wanted to get to the bottom of it. Rather than deter her, his dark eyes and his icy stare drew her further in. There was something behind it, a story that needed to be told, and she wanted to be the one to hear it…


Hard at work since 2008, Egyptian producer Hassan Abou Alam has shared his musical fruits with the world via labels like Rhythm Section, Naive and Banoffee Pies, which explore and blur the borders between breakbeat, techno and bass. For his next outing, he lands on Rinse resident Roni’s Nehza Records with a new four-track EP called Ice, that once again showcases his versatility as a producer. Crafted using a mixture of analog and digital gear, the resulting tracks are packed full of textural sounds, meticulous drum work, fx saturated vocals and squelchy bass.


Ice will be released on 23rd September via Nehza Records.