Premiere: A Psychic Yes – Sugar Today, Tomorrow

NUMM11 – label
Written by Alasdair King

Mutant electronics from a unique producer who is steadily becoming a favourite.

He woke in the morning, hungry. At night he’d go to bed, hungry. It was always the same, always had been.

See this was the life of an addict, days spent scrambling through empty packets, looking for that lost drop of sweet stuff which might keep him satisfied for just a little while longer.

He didn’t really care in what shape or form that it took, as long as he could taste it upon his tongue as he indulged in one of life’s most simple of pleasures. Some might see him as a sinner but who were they to judge, for they never knew how bittersweet it might be.

Sugar today, oh, and sugar tomorrow.


A Psychic Yes is one of the most interesting producers in the UK right now. Yeah, we said it. Abstract polyrhythms, sludgey textures, meandering drums. It’s all in there. Previous outings have seen appearances on the likes of Kalahari Oyster Cult and Tech Startup. Now Nummer welcome new sounds to the label and they are as unique and cool as ever.

Listen below: