Premiere: Hyas – Hydrocity

5 Minute Read
AngelIslandZone_pochette num
Written by Alasdair King

Futuristic, space age electro from a rising Lyon producer.

The water was rising quickly now against the tall concrete wall which was designed to prevent the city from extinction. As the rain continued to fall it was hard to make out the stars which danced against a speckled black backdrop millions of miles away. Most people were locked up in doors, staying clear of the downpour and avoiding the cold temperatures. Not him.

In the middle of the night he liked to walk around this old place. remembering what it was like before the first floods had rolled in. The endless land and hills which had unfolded before your very eyes now somewhere deep beneath the surface of a dense blue ocean. What had once stood tall, a town of industry, had become a Hydro City. Now it was time to rethink it all, to rip it up and start from scratch.


Hyas is a Lyon based producer and a resident at infamous nightclub Le Sucre. This latest EP charges into the deepest, cosmic roots of electro, channeling sounds from well beyond this world. It’s fast paced, rugged and raw. Just the way we like it…

Listen below: