Premiere: Hary Shanthi – Urumi (MR TC Remix)

Urumi Artwork

The Sinchi Collective family member shares a new single for the platform complete with remixes from MR TC & Tushen Raï.

A flock of birds took flight across the sky, dipping and weaving in unison until they were out of sight beyond the cliffs. The terrain was bold and colourful; huge towering green trees shot up into the heavens, below a flowing stream of clear blue water meandered through various species of flowers and chattering insects. The sheer expanse of this landscape took his breath away, it was a far cry from the cityscapes he knew so well. It remained untouched by human hands, not tampered with for commercial gain – here nature was in charge.


Up next on non-profit label Sinchi it’s a close member of the collective’s family, Hary Shanthi. Marking his second release on the label, following 2021’s Sivapuranam (​ச​ி​வ​ப​ு​ர​ா​ண​ம​்​), this new single ‘Urumi’ is another window into the psyche of a deep thinking, technically skilled producer. The slowly unfurling opus, which is peppered with hypnotic acid lines, synth leads and percussion is a homage to his Indian culture and ‘”the non-dualistic nature” of Kashmir Shaivism, a philosophical system that emerged in India around the 12th Century’. It comes complete with remixes from MR TC and Tushen Raï and, as always, all money from sales will be donated to the Sinchi Foundation which supports indigenous people across the world.


Urumi will be released on 17th March.