Premiere: Hammer – Transit 2.2

PACKSHOT Hammer – Transit 2.2 (incl. Terr Remix) – Clash Lion

The Remmah and Italo Hiits boss closes out the year with a debut on Clash Lion, featuring a remix from label co-founder Terr.

The subway was cold and dark, lit only by an old strip light that flickered frantically. A handful of disorientated people populated the platform, all trying to avoid eye contact as they waited patiently for the last train to arrive. This time of night always felt strangely eerie; the wind echoing through the station the only sound that punctuating the silence, while the last stragglers and ghosts of the town congregated to find their way back home.


Belfast-born producer and DJ Hammer is a jack of all trades. He can put his hand to all kinds of musical styles, he’s dabbled in everything from disco and trance to techno and arpeggiated synth cuts, landing him releases on labels like Optimo, Unknown to the Unknown and of course his own trio of imprints – Remmah, Italo Hiiits and his edit-indebted label.

Next up, and to round off a year of top notch musical outings, he makes his debut on Clash Lion with Transit 2.2. This time he goes back to his roots and dons his synth hat for three arp-driven cuts, two of which feature the vocal stylings of Michelle Manetti and Alice Killme, rounded off with a remix from label co-founder Terr.