Premiere: Tecwaa – Pacific Bends

Tecwaa – Futuristic Sonic Luminaries Cover 3

The Hoga Nord and Futureboogie alumni makes his debut on London’s Inside Out Records.

The sea glistened underneath the sun; each wave twinkled brightly as it lapped against the rocky shore. He’d holed up on a bench at the top of the cliff, one that gave him a perfect viewpoint of the unending waterline. The breeze whipped at his hair and the tassel on his scarf, he inhaled deeply, breathing in the fresh sea air. It was soothing up here, there was something so incredibly freeing about it, almost as if he were above earth and looking down on it…


London-based label Inside Out start tying up their run of 2022 releases with a new EP from Tecwaa titled Future Sonic Luminaries. The fellow London residing producer follows up releases on Hoga Nord and Futureboogie with his first outing for Stevie R & Parisinos’ label, which features three cuts that veer in different sonic directions. There’s hypnotic downtempo and acid-driven breaks and bass, all of which are tied together by a cosmic atmosphere.