Premiere: We Smile – Sack Voll Drogen (JD Twitch)


30 years after the release of their album Für Die Anderen, the Hamburger Schule band share a batch of new remixes from contemporary artists.

As darkness fell, the city came to life. The streets were filled with people, the bars teemed with thrill seekers, each and every person searching for an escape; a way to blow off steam and be freed from the constraints of life and work. Minds would be expanded and bodies would be moved, while they had no commitments time didn’t matter, it stood still until the new week rolled around. But that would remain a distant thought for now…


Active during the early 90s, We Smile were a three-piece band who were part of the Hamburger Schule, a musical movement that took cues from Neue Deutsche Welle and married them with punk, grunge, pop and witty lyricism. We Smile’s own take on the sound flirted with the traditions of pop but used brittle guitars and commanding vocals sung in German and English.

30 years after the original release of their second album Für Die Anderen, Hamburg label Couldn’t Care More have commissioned a batch of remixes that breath new life into several of the tracks. There’s interpretations from Die Vögel and Egoexpress’ Mense Reents, Tokyo artist Tentenko and Optimo’s JD Twitch, alongside a remastered version of the group’s original track ‘Kind Und Kegel’.


We Smile Remixes will be released on 9th December via Couldn’t Care More.