Premiere: Guava – In Cloud Ft. Alex Blake

3 Minute Read

A futuristic bass driven EP forthcoming on Tread Records.

Floating between the little fluffy white orbs he dance atop a radiant blue backdrop which ran out of sight. He was flying – at peace with his own mind and thoughts, lost in cloud and as free as a bird.

Down below the worries of this world were far away – they could not dampen his wild spirits as he soared and drifted above oceans and great plains on a planet which seemed less and less like home with every passing moment. For he would never return – not to that place where they’d clipped his wings and stopped him from soaring like the wild and wonderful bird that he was.


Guava taps Alex Blake in for a guest feature on a track called ‘In Clouds’ from his forthcoming EP for the newly launched Tread Records. This is the first record forthcoming on the label and it send a nod to bass music heritage and UK dance music culture which has come before it.