Premiere: Bintus – Millennium Speaker Stand

POWVAC026 Artwork

A return to his own Power Vacuum imprint after a five-year hiatus.

Conflict had never been his thing, he shied away from any form of confrontation, that said he somewhat enjoyed being a spectator. Casually pausing his music to listen into a heated argument on the train; watching from a distance as a friend challenged a drunken stranger getting in her space — as soon as it came to matters of his own though, he froze and retreated. On the fringes was where he’d always choose to remain.


It’s been five years since Bintus unleashed anything into the world. Lucky for us he’s back to ’cause a right old stink’ with a new two-tracker on his own Power Vacuum imprint. It’s a gutsy return that, in typical Bintus fashion, hits you smack bang in the face with a dose of acid, electro and rave sonics, from the squelchy staccato punches of title track ‘Rag It!’ to the acid-driven ride that is ‘Millennium Speaker Stand’.


Rag It is out on 28th January via Power Vacuum.