Premiere: Blutch – Choices

Cover-Terre-Promise-milieu (low)

The French producer returns to Astropolis for his debut album.

Balls of scrunched up paper littered the floor, the notes scrawled across them now illegible. Indecisiveness controlled her every move, she preferred people to make decisions for her — the stress of having choices was all-consuming. Even her decision to pen the thoughts and feelings prompted by these struggles had become saturated with ifs and buts; rights and wrongs. She needed her path dictated…


In 2020 French producer Blutch made his debut on Astropolis Records – the label arm of the festival of the same name in Brittany. Since then he’s been hard at work on his follow up for the imprint, this time coming in the form of his first album Terre Promise. A showcase of his knack for playing with mood and emotion, the 12 tracks connect the dots between electronica, breakbeat, house and IDM, straddling the realms of contemplative soundscapes and tracks custom-made for the dance floor.

In anticipation of the full LP release the label called on the likes of Jennifer Cardini, Lauer, Malcolm and several others, to offer up their own takes on the original LP tracks. These come included as part of the CD release.


Terre Promise is out on 28th January via Astropolis Records.