Premiere: GNORK – snailshellfractal


Rhythm Section International rally a new batch of stalwarts and emerging names for their flagship SHOUTS compilation.

In his world, slow and steady always won the race. He had no desire to charge ahead, he always lost his footing and ended up trailing. Sometimes this was to the annoyance of others, he moved at his own speed and that’s just how things were – no amount of pushing or rushing him would change that. This way of operating was to his detriment though, he couldn’t expect others to live life at a snails pace otherwise he’d be left behind…


What was originally intended as a one off compilation to celebrate five years of Rhythm Section’s label arm, has now become a flagship series that spotlights stalwarts and emerging talent from around the world. SHOUTS returns for instalment number three, a whopping 29 track release that touches on all the musical cornerstones of the Peckham-based label and party series.

For this one the project has transitioned into a digital only release, which will allow them to shout about more new artists than ever before. This time they make pitstops all over, taking in everything from jazzy hip hop via Berlin’s JuJu Rogers to percussive rhythms from DC’s James Bangura and bright progressive house from London-based producer Manami, among so many others…