Premiere: gayphextwin – Spz1 (Pépe’s Hyperoxygenation Remix)


The car was fresh off the lot and left a trail of smoke and haze in its wake as it sped down the freeway at a rate so fast the tyres screeched. Inside the vehicle the two passengers yelped and screamed with joy as they upped the speed and put the pedal to the floor. The top was down on the racy machine, it roared and the wind blew wild in their hair. The Spz1 had been stolen earlier that day and they had no intention of returning it to the garage anytime soon – this was there Bonnie and Clyde moment and they were destined to relish in the chaos of the flashing lights and the hot pursuit. 

gayphextwin is remixed by man of the moment, Pépe. A producer who is very much on form having established a unique sound based around the fast paced use of melody and samples. This track is bloody brilliant, end of. 

Listen below: