Premiere: Fresko – Inner Funk

5 Minute Read

Wicked Techno on the Portuguese label Hayes.

He could feel it deep within himself, bubbling away. He had felt it for quite some time, eating away. This sort of strange magical inner funk…

The music played loudly, it echoed and reverberated through his body, pulsating and wild.

He began to dance, moving softly yet quickly through the crowd. Others watched with intrigue as he unleashed a flurry of shapes and waved his arms frantically in time with the sound of the drums which banged on and on and on.

Lights flashed, he was lost in the smoke.

The funk unleashed.


Fresko is set to release what can only be described as a ‘belter’ of an EP on Hayes. It’s a fast paced affair with influences from Detroit Techno dotted throughout. This comes highly recommended…

Listen below: