Premiere: Kiara Scuro – Trance Would Be A Fine Thing

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The first track from the London-based DJ duo lands on Accidental Meetings Family & Friends compilation.

The room swelled with sweaty bodies, the pulse of the music working each dancer into a frenzy. There was just enough space to move freely, a stark contrast to the empty space that had welcomed people just hours before. The night had only just begun and here time was known to stand still; there was no knowing whether morning had broke or night had fallen again. But that knowledge carried little weight — while it was out of sight, it remained out of mind.


Through events in their home of Brighton, and more recently in the capital, Accidental Meetings have proved themselves as expert curators of the dance. Around a year ago they added a label to their activities, launching with a family and friends compilation and since releasing a handful of live tapes and two solo EPs. Now they mark the end of another year with their second comp, bringing together a selection of old and new friends, with some hints at upcoming releases on the imprint.

Across the 19 tracks they welcome Eiger Drums Propaganda, LUXE, Troy Gunner, Simkin and London-based duo Kiara Scuro, who deliver an acid-tinged progressive trance cut which marks their first ever production. All profits from the release will be donated to Mind, one of Britain’s leading mental health charities.


AM: Friends & Family Vol. 2 is out on 3rd December.