Premiere: Folly Group – Butt No Rifle (FG’s Club Flip)


The joke was old, it left little to the imagination and wasn't funny. He had been the butt of such punches and shots for a long time now and he'd had enough. That night, beneath the cover of darkness, he would climb from his bedroom window down the drainpipe and make his escape. Into the night he'd run and never look back for this was not his home, not anymore. The laughs and jeers wouldn't stop him, nothing would. Butt no rifle no more, butt no rifle no more. This was it. 

Folly Group are a band from London making waves and picking up serious intrigue amidst the underground. With a steady stream of gigs and a unique sound they look set to prosper. They have created a club flip of their new track "Butt No Rifle". It works a treat. 

Listen below: 

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