Premiere: Chalo – Doppelgänger


More Rice Records welcome the local Thai producer for what marks his sophomore release.

Passing through the crowded streets, all faces blurred into one underneath the dim street lamps. They pushed their way through, navigating the masses of people that ebbed and flowed from side alleys, stairways and shop doors; how long it would take them to reach their destination was yet to be determined. Amidst the sea of faces, they suddenly caught a glimpse of someone they recognised, a face they knew well, really well… A strange feeling suddenly stirred inside of them and a lump formed in their throat – it was their own face they’d seen; an exact mirror image of themselves.


Since their inception Bangkok’s More Rice Records have been on a mission to spotlight Asian artists operating in the electronic music underground. Having taken a break from their release schedule to focus on opening a record shop and a local hub for dance music lovers in the city, the label are now back with their first release of 2022. Keeping things local, they welcome Chalo, who made his production debut on Boiled Wonderland at the end of last year, for what marks his sophomore release. Anemoia showcases his engineering background, with three atmospheric, textural tracks that blend rolling breaks and emotive bass, backed by a remix from Planet Euphorique boss D. Tiffany.



Anemoia will be released on 30th September via More Rice.