Premiere: Eyes Of Others – Elephant (Manfredas Opium Mix)


Marching across the plains, they moved with pride and precision amidst the outback which was perilous for such magnificent creatures. They had become used to the trials and tribulations of the country, yet as the rain fell and the trotted onwards across the vast expanse of ashy green and brown they could not help but fear the worst. Each elephant was hot property and very much in demand. Cars hot tailed them along dusty desert roads and rocky paths whilst hunters watched on with an evil eye. They were each as twisted as the next and deserved the same feat. 

Eyes of Others is set to release a new EP via Edinburgh based record label Paradise Palms, an off centre, eclectic electronic focussed label which continues to grow. The EP is rounded off by a remix from Manfredas, a firm favourite.

Listen below: