Premiere: Inner Zone – Strange News (D Tiffany Remix)

5 Minute Read

D.Tiffany delivers a stellar club ready remix on London based label Feelings.

The station was crowded as travellers and lost souls boarded trains for far away places they’d never heard of before. This was strange news, never had they imagined that they might be forced to leave their home.

The rain had been pouring for several weeks now and as the water began to rise, the signs of life which had gown plentiful in the fields were drowned beneath the flood water. This was all such strange news indeed…

Then there was the sunlight, it beamed down upon them through the storm, illuminating the tiny rain drops as if to make them pearly and iridescent. There was beauty in all of this. However, this was strange news for all.


D.Tiffany remixes Inner Zone in a splendid fashion for longstanding party starters and friendly faces, Feelings Worldwide. This track is called ‘Strange News’ – the new version leans heavily into the euphoric, drawing upon poignant elements of Trance and the classic days of progressive House.

It’s a trip.

Grab it here.