Premiere: Edmondson – Flamingo Tripper (Letherette Version)

5 Minute Read

Lissoms are set to re-release a much loved piece of House music alongside some reimagined versions of the original track.

The old ride sat perched in the corner of the fairground. It had once been the talk of the town but now the paintwork and the fine details and bright colours had been washed away by years of driving wind and blustery wind. Time moved slow around these parts but even it had not been able to prevent the slow demise of what had once been the wildest experience around.

The flamingo tripper had once left revellers screaming with glee and delight as they spun and whizzed through the air amidst the blasts of water from the wild machine below. Loud music played as the fanfare of onlookers echoed in the summer air.

This was an old ride now but the stories from that magical old machine would still be told by campfires and in the warm glow of the heat by the lake. A reminder of how summertime used to be…


Edmondson’s “Flamingo Tripper is given a new lease of life on a reborn EP from Lissoms alongside a number of reworks of the sought after House classic. The Letherette remix was our pick of the bunch.

Listen below: