Premiere: Afrodeutsche – A New Love

5 Minute Read

A euphoric rave cut taken from a new compilation from the Black Artist Database called ‘Synergy’.

Emotions were running high, it was to the point of danger. She was experiencing a sensory overload as her heart began to beat fast against her chest – it was racing, pacing and left her short of breath.

This had all been so unexpected for it wasn’t supposed to happen here, amidst all this. A new love? No? Not now…

It wasn’t the right time nor the right place yet as the world unfolded rapidly in a kaleidoscopic mirage of colours and wild flashing lights she began to lose herself to the touch of another.

Perhaps this is what ‘real love’ felt like?

Chaotic, manic and out of control. All she could do was dance to the beat of its drum…


Afrodeutsche releases a track called ‘A New Love’ as part of a compilation from the Black Artist Database. This one feels nostalgic yet new – rave energy which takes us back to a simpler time all the while leaving us thinking of a better future. This is what dance music is all about…

Listen below: