Cafe 1001 launches new loft audio bar

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Art & Culture

The longstanding venue just off Brick Lane has announced the launch of a new space focussed on high end audio and music.

Cafe 1001 is well known as an East London party destination and is situated off one of the city’s busiest streets, Brick Lane. This month saw the announcement of the launch of a new loft space dedicated to music and sound with a focus being placed on local DJ’s and artists in a relaxed warehouse style space.

Don Heston the man behind the Jumbi DJ booth was contracted to curate a booth and vinyl cabinets at the venue which is flanked by 4 Klipsch Heresy speakers on each corner, with an extra punch coming from Funktion 1 F10 and BR118 and 2 Eltax Vintage PWR 1959 speakers.


Luca Pilato, General Manager of Cafe 1001, reflects on the transformation of the venue.

“Cafe 1001 is a venue close to people’s hearts. I’ve had countless people remark how they spent their youth drinking Red Stripes on the terrace or slumped upstairs in the loft area all weekend. You can still do that but in a more comfortable and refined setting. We’ve created a music lovers paradise with a quality sound system, a feature DJ booth and DJ cabinets and programmed authentic DJs without the formality of your usual audiophile bars. It’s still Cafe 1001, don’t worry, people still graffiti in the toilets and a Red Stripe is still only £5.”

Guests over the coming months include Mr Redley, Donna Leake, Poly Ritmo and more.

Details HERE.