Premiere: E Davd – Wavestation (Nu Cycle Mix)


Atop the rocks and murky sands, metallic crafts and lofty structures sprawled across the seabed. Inside, figures moved swiftly through the corridors illuminated by deep warm lights. Underneath the waters they had built a new world, a place where the rules and constructs of real life couldn't determine their path anymore. Many had told them it was an impossible task, that they were doomed to fail, but what had once seemed like a perilous place to inhabit had now become their home. It was a peaceful existence beneath the depths of the ocean. 

Australian DJ and producer Andy Garvey launches her Pure Space imprint with four club focused tracks journeying through electro, breaks and techno. E Davd is our pick but the entire EP is huge and features tracks from Reptant, Daze and Point Guard.

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