Premiere: DKAPZ – Truth Is A Ruin

Dream States & Absurdities II EP Cover Art

David Kaplowitz ruminates on the societal and structural absurdities thrust upon us on his new EP, Dream States & Absurdities II.

The world seemed to be going backwards, regressing to a former state of right-wing fuelled chaos. Structures and systems continue to be forced upon our being, upon our daily lives and the way we are seen and accepted by others – these aren’t our choices but it still seems that we have to live with them. We can challenge, we can educate and we can fight for change, but until those at the levers of power challenge them too, we’ll continue to live with these absurdities until the end of time.


London-based producer DKAPZ examines “the creeping sense that all is far from right with the world” on his new EP Dream States and Absurdities II. It follows his 2021 album, Concerning Bats, which also translated an emotional confusion at the state of the world that we live in. On this new EP, he expresses these all too familiar themes through a concoction of experimental rhythms, IDM touches and punkish techno, at times dreamlike and trance-inducing and at others, downright dystopian.