Premiere: Divorce from New York – Mapocho River

HPOG011 Packshot

The Spanish producer makes his return to London-based label High Praise for a sophomore LP.

The river marked out its territory, running a course proudly through the city. The current was strong and steady, swelling and lapping at the murky banks that bordered it. It had always been her choice to be by the water, she needed it to feel connected to the earth, it helped her stay grounded and calm; to find peace and clarity. It could be a stream, a pond or an ocean, as long as the water flowed somewhere close by, she’d feel complete.


Last year marked Spanish producer Divorce From New York’s debut full length for London-based record label High Praise. Now he makes his return for a second LP, Sausalito, which, over its seven track duration, fuses broken beat, house and jungle influences to create a vibrant, uplifting journey best consumed in the sunshine. Demonstrating his prowess as a beat maker, Divorce From New York crafts bright and textural music, layering infectious melodies and vocals over syncopated drum patterns.


Sausalito will be released on 2nd September via High Praise.