Premiere: EYE-BM – 2


A new project from label boss Fabrizio Mammarella and Italian retro-futurist producer Bottin lands on Slow Motion.

The nomadic life was all they knew, for as long as they could remember they’d moved from place to place, with one eye constantly looking over their shoulder. In this day and age it was impossible to remain undercover; to don a new identity and pitch up somewhere for an extended period of time. No matter where they went, what buses, trains or planes they boarded, eventually they’d be tracked down and there was no knowing what would happen then…


After welcoming PCL to Slow Motion’s Wrong Era off shoot back in June, label boss Fabrizio Mammarella makes his return to the parent imprint arm-in-arm with Italian retro-futurist producer Bottin for a brand new project: EYE-BM. The pair were jamming at CIMM studios when the release came to be; it’s a melting pot of their combined musical passions. Backed by a remix from Italian synth wave icon Alexander Robotnick, the EP features three original tracks to get your body moving, which blend EBM, electro, Italo disco, cyberpunk and new beat.