Premiere: Umeko Ando – Hutare Chui (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)

5 Minute Read
XX, Pingipung 3000 x 3000
Written by Alasdair King

Celebrating twenty years of the record label Pingipung.

The lights were low in the small bar, sat alone drinkers watched onwards as the music echoed from the large speaker set. They said little to one another but listened to the sweet, soft sound which filled the space and set the tone for the mysterious, murky affair. The evening was young and they would be here until the small hours, captivated by the strange radiance of the noise.

It were as if they were in a trance like state, lost in the middle of madness yet utterly happy and perplexed in the sheer willingness of it all. Some might call it meditation, others might think it to be magic.

As the fog began to fill the room, one by one they began to nod off and drift away in the the melody…


Pingipung is celebrating twenty years of wonderful records. The label, based in Hamburg, has been a stalwart for showcasing cutting edge artists and experimental sounds for two decades and are rejoicing in this with the release of a bundle of new music from some familiar faces and fresh newcomers.

This track by Umeko Ando is remixed by none other than German kraut pioneer Tolouse Low Trax.

Listen below, buy the release HERE.