Premiere: DC Salas – Disappearing Perspectives


The Higher Hopes boss returns to Correspondant for his second EP.

They could no longer agree on anything, from the most trivial decisions to more important views on society and the world. Things weren’t always like this, their shared passion for those around them and motivation to somehow make a change was what brought them together in the first place; they were driven and ambitious. His perspective was different now, if he had one at all… Nowadays he didn’t seem to care about anything; his fuel had run out and there was no signs of it being replenished.


Higher Hopes boss DC Salas takes a break from his own imprint to release his second EP on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant. Having previously released on the label two years ago with Dawn Nostalgia, he now makes his return with four tracks to lift up the dance floor. Healing Is A Process is deep and driving, drawling inspiration from electro, Italo, acid and wave. It’s packed full of cavernous drum hits propelled by a healthy smattering of acid and thunderous, funk-soaked bass lines — tailor-made for dark nights in the club.


Healing is a Process is out on 4th February via Correspondant.