Premiere: Hektisch Sprengen DJs – Dancing Dust (DJ Chrysalis PDQ Remix)


The inaugural release on brand new Munich-based label Terra Magica Rec.

Everything ground to a holt that morning. This seemingly well-oiled machine was not all it was cracked up to be; people had already left in their droves, only a few remained in the hope that they’d be rewarded for their commitment, but they’d be waiting a long time. Nobody knew the root cause of this breakdown but it had been a longtime coming, there was only so much those who wielded power could get away with before a mass exodus would ensue.


Newly born label Terra Magica are kicking off proceedings with a release from the two head honchos: Munich-based producers and DJs Mirko Hecktor and Tom Sprenger. Under their Hektisch Sprengen guise, which in German means to blow up things in a very hectic manner, the pair are doing just the opposite sound-wise – the two tracks are slow analog jams that draw from an array of genres and places. The pair have invited four artists to remix the tracks too including our pick from Aussie producer DJ Chrysalis who puts a UK-G influenced spin on ‘Dancing Dust’.