Premiere: Jozef K & Tin Man – Nice Acid

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The producers team up for a collaborative EP on Spanish imprint Sungate.

A million thoughts, memories and plans swirled round her head. She found it hard to live in the moment; always focused on the future or the past. In her opinion there was little to be gained from the present, she’d rather focus on what the future might or might not hold, even if it meant missing everything that was currently going on around her. Her hopes for what the years to come looked like were generally unrealistic, but she couldn’t find any satisfaction in the here and now.


Madrid’s Sungate has been home to artists like Skudge, Trømmel and Rosati, to name but a few, and now they’re welcoming two artists for a collaborative EP: Manchester producer Jozef K and acid aficionado Tin Man. Both have been making moves solo, Jozef with releases for the likes of Rawax, Lost City Archives and Firehouse, and Tin Man on Global A Records, Acid Test and Absurd Recordings. Of course the core of the release, Perfect & Nice Acid, is centred around the futuristic acid sounds both are no stranger to, with remixes on the flip from Voiski, Evigt Mörker and Moy Santana.