Premiere: Reflex Blue – Back 2 Earth


The Aussie newcomer joins R.A.N.D Muzik Recordings for a four-track EP.

The sky had always fascinated her. During the day she’d dream about the possibilities of what lay beyond the clouds and far above the atmos; at night there was even more to ruminate on. Sometimes she felt she belonged up their amongst the stars; earth wasn’t for her, she didn’t feel as though she belonged anywhere. Could technology make it possible and were money no option, she’d have packed her bags long ago and headed far above the planet. For now she’d have to continue to dream.


R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings keep up their stellar output with a new release from Reflex Blue, a new name on the block in Australia. The label have long been one of our go-tos for a solid dose of house, electro, techno and breaks; and this new instalment doesn’t disappoint. Chock full of progressive trance-tinged house and cosmic driving earworms, Reflex Blue proves why Australia has become such a great export of these proggy, sub-aquatic sounds in recent years.