Premiere: David Hausdorf – Nitric Acid

xtr012 label A

Minimood share a vinyl-only release from the East Berlin native dedicated to the sonic wonder that is acid.

A thick cloud of pale yellow smoke billed out of the test tube, filling the clinical-looking, white washed room with a bitter odour that bristled the hairs on your nostrils. Different experiments took place at each table in the laboratory, trials and tests that came with equally positive and negative results. In their small lab-coat adorned groups, they clustered around their equipment with inquisitive expressions and furrowed brows, concocting special potions and medicines for motives we knew not.


Do you love acid? If the answer is yes, well this is the record for you. Cologne imprint Minimood Extra – the offshoot of Minimood – are charging into 2023 arm in arm with an old label mate, David Hausdorf and his new vinyl-only EP ACID. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Unlike his previous deep dives into dub techno and Detroit-influenced sounds, the Berlin native (who is also a cellist for Munich Philharmonic Orchestra!) explores the wonders of the 303, fashioning four hypnotic tracks centred around squelching acid lines and paired with electro and techno influences.


ACID will be released on 3rd February via Kompakt, Decks, Juno and Deejay.