Premiere: Jorkes – You Will Be Mine (Hard Ton Remix)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A rip roaring reinterpretation from Hard Ton.

The voices continued, they rallied and roared on and on. They whispered and shouted, they teased and they taunted, they laughed and they mocked with a resilience like no other.

In the morning, in the evening they reverberated and rebounded with wild abandon.

“You will be mine” was what they whispered.


The sunlight beamed down from up above as the clouds parted and he began to ascend upwards into the sky. Perhaps they’d finally got him? Perhaps this was the time to rise above and beyond…

Jorkes is remixed by Hard Ton on Live At Robert Johnson. Several tracks have been reimagined from the original ‘Sweet Dreams’ EP from a number of talented artists but this was our out and out favourite from the lot as Hard Ton delivers a blistering cut of cosmic disco.

Listen below: