Premiere: DASCO – Acid Queen


The Bisexuality Exists founder celebrates her femininity and sends a message of empowerment on her new release for Shall Not Fade.

A sea of men in black suits with furrowed brows stared back at her around the table. She continued her pitch, pushing through the awkwardness with wide eyes and an enthusiastic smile – their expressions didn’t change, not even a flicker of delight crossed their faces. She tried to decipher what exactly she’d said to be greeted with such dismissful glares. She’d done her research, she’d put in the hours, she’d practiced the presentation over and over in the mirror; she didn’t want to think it, she’d always believed people would judge her on expertise and merit alone, but this time it somehow felt personal…


Bisexuality Exists founder DASCO continues to make powerful statements with her musical output. Her newest release Powerful Woman is a celebration of femininity and a message to people to “stay confident, focused and remember that everything is possible and to never give up”. Set for release on Shall Not Fade, the two original cuts showcase the tougher side of DASCO’s productions; they’re moody and tripped out, driven by a squelchy 303 and sultry vocals. On the flip we’re treated to two remixes from Johannes Volk and Sean Hernandez under his Chicago Skyway alias who both bring their own signature touch emotive and euphoric touches.



Powerful Woman will be released on Shall Not Fade on 6th January. ‘Acid Queen’ is available as a digital-only single on 9th December.