Video Premiere: Spekki Webu & Altjira – Aalto’s Labyrinth

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Future Patterns – Still 1 (by Deborah Mora)
Written by Alasdair King

Audiovisual mutations with collaboration at the forefront.

Patterns of Perception have recently teamed up alongside Minimal Collective to work on a series of audio visual collaborations which blur the lines between experimental electronics and creative design.

They have invited a number of musicians and artists to contribute to the first edition of ‘Future Patterns’ – a new compilation which features music from the likes of Jay Duncan, Mary Lake and more.

The first track taken from the release is by Spekki Webu & Altjira whose music has been accompanied by the creation of a visual tapestry by artist Deborah Mora.


Together with Minimal Collective’s Creative Director Brent van den Elshout, Deborah created a central motif where the natural environment hosts a ghost-like, liquidy presence that holds a sharp edged metallic blade – merging the organic and futuristic into one new world.

“The interplay between organic and sharp forms came to life by imagining a liquid-y, tentacular entity floating on mossy stones in the understory of a forest,” Deborah says of the overall visual concept. “Forests and mountains and their small-scale environments populated by fungi, moss and insects, recur a lot in my work as they are the closest to home, so calming yet so buzzing with life. The silky liquid entity visually resonates with many of the smooth sounds that you can hear in Future Patterns, and it’s also the connecting element that visually ties the natural environment with the sharp, metallic blade.”

Watch below and buy the compilation HERE.