Premiere: Coyote – Exodus (Ruf Dug Remix)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

A sweltering remix from good friend Ruf Dug on MM Discos.

The sun beamed down upon the small seaside resort as bathers lay baking in the heat of the mid afternoon. Most others had retreated in some form of mass exodus to shadier, leafier pastures. However, the few hardcore worshippers would be left to fend off the radiant beams which illuminated the beach.

Nobody had ever imagined it might become this hot, not in their wildest fantasies. They prayed and waited for the night to come when they would be able to return to the shore – to sip wine and dance beneath the starlit skies up above in a more moderate climate. Perhaps the exodus had done them good, they’d been on the beach for far too long.


Coyote is remixed by Ruf Dug on a sweltering new EP for MM Discos, a beautiful balearic house inspired crossover which is as apt in this baking heat as you might expect. Bring me a sunlounger and a peach ice tea…

Listen below and Buy HERE.