Premiere: Manuel Daquart – Euphoria

5 Minute Read
A Mock
Written by Alasdair King

A new split EP from the Wolf Music camp – a stellar assortment of summertime sounds.

The clouds parted slowly to reveal the hazy blue expanse of sky in the distance beyond – it was what they had all been waiting for as they gathered on the shore. Looking out into the distance as the waves rolled in against the pier it was hard to wonder what might be any better than this. The breeze blew softly and the smell of a grill burnt hot in the distance. Was this paradise? It certainly seemed that way.

He’d never imagined that he might find euphoria here, out here in the middle of nowhere surrounded by strangers whom might one day become friends. It was hard to imagine a life without them now for they too had lived through the cloudy fog to see the sun rise at the beginning of a new morning. They were all in this together.


Wolf Music are back with a new split EP featuring friends and family, this track by Manuel Darquart captures the ‘euphoria’ of the late ineties Italian house era. These were simpler times, with happy go lucky music and a cocktail on ice to go alongside. This one has us feeling all kinds of summer.

Listen below: