Premiere: Levi Love – Karma and Address

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The Manchester-based selector pays tribute to his late mother on a new cassette for his own Mas o Menos imprint.

Grief is a strange beast. There’s no one size fits all approach, no answers to your many questions, no rule book to tell you how to feel or respond… That’s left for you to figure out for yourself. What becomes apparent though is that there are so many ways that our loved ones remain with us – music is at the forefront. These sweet sounds are a time capsule of places, faces and spaces; they keep our memories alive; they stir laughter and tears; and they help us to celebrate life, rather than commemorate death.


Music is a powerful tool to explore love and loss. This is the case for Levi Love’s new release, which is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to his late mother. Released on his own Mas O Menos imprint on cassette, A Tribute To Magriza, was written not long after the funeral of the leading figure in the Manchester-based producer and DJ’s life. The five tracks – which include a stirring Xhosa version of the Apostles’ creed from Levi’s mother’s congregation, sung without her for the first time in 33 years – were all produced in one take with no edits, with the aim of the release being “an unfiltered sonic interpretation” of his grief and the processing of her passing.