Premiere: KARLITA – Inhale

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An album inspired by early Trip Hop – dubbed out beats with character and depth.

She took a deep breath in – it had been a while. The world all around her became fuzzy and warm, the trees looked greener than before and she wondered if they’d always been that way. It were as if everything had stopped for a brief second, all the noise and commotion from before had simply faded into blackness. No more troubles, no more racing thoughts, no more circular loops.

Perhaps that’s what it had needed to make it stop all along? One deep breath, a gasp at the air which surrounded her soul. It’s funny how often what is most important can seem so invisible and redundant at the same time. She took another, a deep inhale.

Her lungs were full now.


KARLITA is set to release an album via Berlin based record label LAN – an imprint of which we are most fond and admire for its eclectic output.

The album is titled ‘From 5 To 7’ and features a collection of tracks which draw upon influences from early Trip Hop, House music and dubbed out sounds you might associate with the likes of Basic Channel. It makes for perfect summertime listening, deep moving beats with character.

Listen below: