Premiere: Carmen Jaci – oh ah eh ih ah oh

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Written by Grace Morton

The French Canadian producer explores childlike wonder on her new album for Noumenal Loom.

She looked underneath her bed. Her parents were snoring from across the hall. From beneath her bed, two iridescent eyeballs peered back at her. The monster was awake. She reached into her nightgown pocket and pulled out a packet of BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF: SENSATIONAL STRAWBERRY BUBBLEGUM and slid it across the floorboards.

The monster seized the packet, and emptied the entire packet of gum into his cave-like mouth. The flavours erupted on his taste buds, his eyes widened and his fur stood static. Taking a deep inhale of breath, he blew a bubble bigger than his head. The girl reached out, popping it with her finger. The gum ruptured, showering the monster’s fur with a blanket of pink.


Based in the Netherlands, Carmen Jaci is a French-Canadian producer exploring the fragmented nature of memories from the frivolous days of childhood. On her newest album ‘Happy Child’, Jaci continues to surprise and provoke with her nostalgic loop-based sonic elements. Out this spring on Noumenal Loom, the LP reflects on childlike wonder and welcomes listeners into a surreal universe through Jaci’s eccentrically layered synthesizers and vocal recordings.