Premiere: Glimmerman – One Hundred & Sixty Times

5 Minute Read
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Mutant Bass music in pure form from a rising producer on Sputnik One’s label N-Face.

Every day started and ended the same way – he would rise in the morning and sleep tightly in the evening. He would go to work, see the same people and do the same dance. He’d walk home the same way, catch the same train and sit by the same window.

He wondered how many times he might live upon repeat? One hundred and sixty times was it now? Who was counting anyway?

Tomorrow would be just like the one before, except he hoped it might be sunny. For if it were sunny then he might just smile once or twice, that was pretty good odds by his count.


Sputnik One’s N-Face is back with a new compilation showcasing music from a global assortment of up and coming producers keen to challenge the preconceptions and structures of electronic music. As a compilation this one runs wild featuring material from the likes of K Wata, LWS, Young Muscle and more.

However, it is Glimmerman’s track which we showcase today – a weighty affair destined to boom bap in loud systems and in discerning clubs.

Listen below: