Premiere: Carisma – Fruta (Comeme)


You can't beat a good bit of charisma – it'd be hard to find a way in this world if you didn't at least have a little of the old joie de vivre. Still, when you're working with a musical partner whose name when combined with yours works out as Carisma then you seem to have hit the 'good times' jackpot.

This duo have combined their talents to create music so infectious that you'll be taking your kids round to their house so that they catch it before they grow up and it becomes a lot more dangerous. As you wander through these aural rivers, the water will rise up well above your thighs and you'll live to regret wearing skinny jeans on a day like this. Never mind, at least your ears are happy.

And, in the end, isn't that what matters most? 

Vertigo is out now via Comeme.