Premiere: Bunzinelli – Building Bridges

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Chambre Noire

A new split EP from the Chambre Noire camp sees the record label up the pace a little across three club ready tracks.

The world was spinning faster than ever before, it was more chaotic and dazzling than it had been. Some were using this opportunity to make amends, building bridges faster than others might attempt to burn them.

Nobody knew when it might stop for that was an uncertainty beyond the imagination of all comprehension. Perhaps it would be today, perhaps it would be tomorrow but for now all they could do was to continue the merry dance upon which kept it all moving.

He watched it all from a cloud up above, little did they know of what time was left way down there.


Chambre Noire has announced the release of a new split EP which features a collection of tracks from RW, Bunzinelli and Mild Drama. This EP caught us off guard as it’s perhaps more club focussed and dancefloor ready than the previous material to emerge via the imprint. It’s a stellar EP with label boss Bunzinelli’s track playing a stand out role as far as we’re concerned.


The Prism EP will be available from the 10th of December.