Premiere: Eversines – Subtle Shift

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The split EP also features material from Caim.

The weather was changing, a sombre autumnal breeze drifted softly upon the morning. It sent a small shiver up his spine as he wandered through the park on his way to the day ahead, crunchy leaves crackled underfoot as he walked purposefully forward. Only a few months ago he had been hear, dancing in the warm rays of the sunshine and the blue sky ambience. Now this subtle shift was enough to ensure that his mood was more pensive, thoughtful and reflective on what might come next as the darker months loomed near.

Eversines is set to feature on a new split EP on Lonely Planets Rec alongside Caim. It’s a stellar release which is as welcome in the headphones as it will be on warm dancefloors in cold months. This one comes highly recommended.