Premiere: Bong Soup – Dr. Eggman


Miami’s Open Space release their second batch of Club Tools.

The restaurant was teeming with wonderful smells that seeped through the doors to the kitchen and filled diner’s nostrils. There was nothing more inviting than a freshly prepped dish made with the finest quality ingredients, and this was truly the spot to frequent if this was what you were after. As soon as that first mouthful hit your lips you were in heaven; food truly was the key to anyone’s heart.


Miami-based producers DJ Ray and Goiz welcome a new batch of producers for the second instalment in their Club Tools series. Just like their first collection, round two brings a pack of tunes custom-made for the “explorative club deejay”, ranging from raw drum workouts to hypnotic, shuffling beats. On this one we’re treated to fresh material from a handful of US producers – Miami’s Bong Soup, NYC producer Will Dimaggio and Canadian-bred-Berliner Logan Sturrock aka FlØrist – as well as Seoul-based maestro Mogwaa.